What Are Possible ArteFILL Side Effects?

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Artefill permanent fillers can cause reactions and rejection in some patients. I have successfully removed permanent filler from the face and lips in my practice.

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Artefill Side effects

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Artefill has been found to have the same side effect profile as other fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane.  Bruising, temporary redness and swelling are the most common.  Rare side effects such as infection and granuloma formation occur at the same rate as with these other fillers.

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Possible side effects from ArteFill

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Artefill is the only FDA-approved "permanent" filler we have in the US. It was approved by the FDA for the naso labial folds -- the deeper grooves between the sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth. If used elsewhere, the behavior of Artefill can't be totally predicted.

Artefill is made up of microscopically-sized polymer beads that do not degrade or break down as other filler materials do. The beads are inert and would not normally cause any reaction on their own, remaining in the tissue permanently. So in that framework, you must expect those tiny beads to remain in the skin for a lifetime.

The carrier for those beads is bovine collagen. There is the potential for an allergic response to this element of Artefill and this is why there is a pre-test requirement. If it is deemed you are sensitive to bovine collagen, your doctor will not use Artefill for wrinkle correction.

If the product is injected at the specified depth in the skin, side effect percentages are extremely low. Most problems with this or any filler are usually related to injector inexperience or the use of a filler off label in areas specifically contraindicated by the manufacturer. In the case of Artefill the company advises physicians to NOT use Artefill in the lips as nodules can occur. Injection depth is a key element in successful filler injections. Inject a filler meant for deeper locations too superficially and there is the chance small granules may be felt or even seen on the skin surface. Artefill is not a "superficial" filler and a well trained dermatologist will make sure injections are placed properly.

No physician can guarantee that a patient won't experience an unexpected
side effect, but most potential side effects are well known and are discussed with patients prior to injection.

With Artefill the typical side effects are some mild redness and swelling that resolves very quickly. In my practice I've not had any problems with this filler and patients have been very satisfied with the results as it eliminates the need for repeat filler injections. I do, though, suggest that any patient considering permanent fillers first try out a temporary filler to be sure they want the effects a filler provides.

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