What Are my Options for Permanent Lip Augmentation?

I had collagen in my lips and I loved it, but I cannot afford to keep having injections. I saw a web site that suggest Artecol or silicone. Do they do the same thing?

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Permanent Lip Fillers: Silicone, Fat Grafting, Implantable Lip Augmentation

There are many options for every procedure, including permanent lip augmentation. However, the real question is whether any of these should be performed. Just because a treatment is available does not mean that it is a practical solution to the problem.

In general, you should not consider permanent lip augmentation. Let me repeat...do not even consider permanent lip augmentation for the following reasons:

  • Your lips will change as you age and this permanency may not look harmonious in the context of an aging lip. Think 20 years from now with an aged lip on the outside with an artificial filler that cannot be removed on the inside.
  • The lips are dynamic and constantly move. This may alter the pattern of the lip fillers in the future.
  • There is no reversal of permanent injectable fillers.

I conduct a clinic for patients with silicone injections on their face. Just speak to any one of these patients who have had their lives practically destroyed by complications associated with permanent fillers and you will understand the reasons not to do them.

Finally, just because a company touts a new type of filler, you should do your homework. Practically speaking, permanent fillers are not advisable.

Permanent Lip Filler

Anytime you're looking at a permanent filler you should consider using your own tissue. It tends to be more lasting with fewer complications as time goes on.

In my practice, we use autologous fat transfer as well as de-epithelialized dermis depending on the desired extent of correction. The incisions are hidden inside the lip at the corners and the result is a lasting natural appearance.

I hope this helps!

Saline lip implants

Artecoll or Silicone are not your best option for lips since they are very difficult if not impossible to remove if there is a problem.

Saline implants (made by Evera) are a great option for lips and have a number of advantages over the older Gore-Tex or Advanta implants.

For more information visit http://www.salinelipimplants.com

Fat injection is safe for permanent lip augmentation

The largest experience with Artecol and silicone injections is outside the U.S. Neither is FDA-approved in the U.S. for cosmetic indications.

ArteFill is similar in principle to Artecol and is U.S. FDA-approved; it is used for filling deeper static facial creases, but is not recommended for the lips. The use of these products for lip enhancement has been described, but there have been several warnings for using these products in the lip enhancement area.

Over time, these products have been shown to be associated with a risk for "angry bumps" that develop and are difficult to correct. These bumps can cause difficulty for the patient, both in terms of their appearance and their ability to use the lips.

I currently have two patients in my practice, who had silicone injection to the lips years ago and now have a deformity that will require surgical correction. Fat injection is a safe and effective alternative to non-permanent fillers. Fat injection is very effective, lasting years in many cases, and without significant risk.

Lip augmentation

Full and shapely lips can make the entire face more attractive, and treatments to make lips fuller have been utilized for many years. But this can be challenging.    In recent years, injectable fillers have been most popular. 

The downside of the permanent fillers can be that if the filling material is not in the exact preferred location, a deformity results, rather than the desired improvement. So the next step may be to try to remove it.            Sometimes an implantable material can be used. But it is challenging for any implant to be as soft and mobile as our actual God-given lips (which are very soft and sometimes a bit flimsy). 

And more is not necessarily better. Look no farther than some celebrity lips to realize that some of today's lips are not usually found in "nature"!

So be careful when requesting "permanent' lip augmentation: it can be a double edged sword!     DRC



Fat is the best permanent lip augmentation

Silicone and Artecoll are permanent type lip fillers. This is good in the sense that it will last a long time. However, using these materials does not leave a lot of room for discrepancies. If you don't like the results, you have to surgically remove these fillers and they don't go away on their own.

Also, these fillers have a chance of getting infected, which can lead to a lot of problems. Many times also, these fillers don't feel natural and can be felt in the lips. Fat is a great alternative for permenant filling and augmentation for the lips. When done right, they can last for years and up to ten years or more. Also, they are a lot more likely to feel natural.

Fat takes on the feeling of the structure that it is placed next to. If placed next to bone it will feel like bone. If placed next to muscle it will feel like muscle. One thing is very important, you should go to a surgeon that understands aesthetics. Facial beauty and the theories that explain it are central in forming the goals that surgeons strive for. When you build a house you need architectural plans for the house to get a great result. This same principle applies to cosmetic surgery, a set of rules or theory to explain beauty is central to getting a great result.

To be complete, Verafil is a lip augmentation option

Just to make this discussion more complete, Verafil is an option.

Verafil is a small saline-filled implant that is placed in the lips with a minor surgical procedure done in the office in about 15 minutes. Supposedly, the body does not produce scar tissue around it, so it stays soft. I don't have any experience with this procedure. My gut feeling is that it has potential for creating scar tissue and might become very difficult to remove down the road, which ultimately might be a major problem.

If you can wait a while, Evolence Breeze will be FDA approved in 6-12 months, and should give you about 12 months of correction. I'd say that's pretty good.

Permanent Fillers

Permanent lip augmentation can be achieved with permanent fillers, as well as fat transfer. However, I suggest you seriously consider the ramifications of permanent results before undergoing the treatment. As we age, our face changes in shape. If you have permanent lip fillers, your lips won’t change in the same manner as the rest of your face. You’ll have full lips that complement the rest of your facial features at the time of your treatment, but your lips may look too big as you get older. Therefore, if you have permanent lip injections, consider a subtle improvement instead.

Find a plastic surgeon, discuss the option that fits you...

It’s not unusual for patients who have used injectable fillers for lip augmentation to request a more permanent solution to their problem.The vast majority of these patients have utilized Collagen, Juvederm and Restylane with good results.Their primary concern is the frequency of injections and the cumulative cost of these injections.
For these reasons, patients often request lip augmentation with synthetic fillers that are more or less permanent. Unfortunately these fillers are associated with significant complications including infections, inflammation, foreign body granulomas and significant scarring. As a result of these problems, we don’t feel that it’s appropriate to use silicone artecol or other synthetic injectable filler materials in the lips.
The only injectable material that has the potential for permanent lip augmentation, that’s also safe is autologous fat. Even this material has the potential to resorb and for this reason repeat injections may be necessary.
If you’re considering a more permanent solution to thin lips, a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. This surgeon should be able to formulate an appropriate treatment plan for your condition.

Verafil or Advanta Implants are the solution you are looking for

You are like most people who love the way their lips look but don't want the repetitive pain and expense of temporary fillers. Lip implants are the way to go. I've done a lot and they do really nice. Advanta Atrium implants run $1500 per lip while Verafil implants run $2000 per lip. The difference is that Verafil is a saline fluid filled implant that is softer because of the fluid in it. Both are permanent and both are easy to put in under local anesthesia and both are reversible or easily removed .

The implants look natural and are much better than the Silicone or Artecol/Artefill injectibles which can get lumpy bumpy and cause problems down the line. Fat injections have been done for many years but tend to last about 6-12 months, make you look like Donald Duck, and tend to look uneven or lumpy when the fat starts to dissolve away.

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