What is the Minimum Age Limit for Mircodermabrasion?

i am 15 and i have light dark scars on my cheeks and face, will mircodermabrasion get rid of these? I am prepaired to get rid of them anyway no matter what the pain or money but dont know how to go about this?

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Age limit for microdermabrasion

Generally, we will not perform microdermabrasion under age 14. The main point is to determine which treatment you really need to treat your condition, and only a dermatologist can give you a fair and honest assessment. For instance, you may be better off with a chemical peel or a bleaching cream formulation rather than microdermabrasion, so do get a proper medical assessment from your dermatologist first. Unfortunately, some businesses are more than happy to take your money for microdermabrasion or any other treatment you ask for, even if you don't need it or wouldn't benefit from it since they are in the business of staying in business (making money).

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