What is Mesotherapy Best for Treating?

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By definition, mesotherapy is the injection of something into the skin. Doctors have been instilling subtances and cocktails of medications into the skin fo many years for a variety of purposes, most notably fat reduction and cellulite treatment. Although the vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, growth factors and other ingredients typically found in mesotherapy injections are FDA-approved chemicals and injectables, the mesotherapy itself is not widely accepted in the United States for any purpose.

In the public consciousness, mesotherapy to dissolve fat accumulations, such as below the chin, is probably the technique most closely associated with the term. The substances used for this purpose are phosphatidyl choline and deoxycholate. Injections intended for fat dissolution tend to be uncomfortable, and are commonly associated with signiviant swelling, bruising, and persistent discomfort for up to several weeks at the treatment sites. The results tend to be variable.

I routinely use a form of mesotherapy to treat fine wrinkling and crinkling of the chest, neck, and face, the kind of problem that responds poorly to fillers and other techniques. This approach relies on the use of a hyaluronic acid filler injected quite superficially in a grid-like pattern over the treatment site along with variety of supportive substances.

Abroad, I am able to use Restylane Vital Light, a specially formulated hyaluronic acid-containing filler instilled via a unique injector device that precisely measures the amount in each droplet delivered. Interspersed between these droplets, I likewise inject in a parallel grid pattern NCTF135 HA , an enriched formulation containing a multitude of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, nucleic acids, antioxidants, and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid.

The Vital light is believed to physically stretch the cells, known as fibroblasts, that produce collagen and elastin in order to stimulate new collagen and elastic fiber synthesis. The NCTF135HA serves to supplement the nutrients necessary to spur synthesis of these important fibrous components that provide structure and elasticity to the skin.

In the U.S (where the above preparations are not yet available), I use minute amounts of Juvederm Ultra delivered through a special, tiny needle and a compounded equivalent of the above formulation to achieve the same results. A series of four treatments, spaced at two week intervals, is typically required to achieve optimal results. There is little to no associated downtime after tthis treatment, apart from some mild, temporary bruising, swelling and redness that lasts at most a few days.

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