What Makes Lifestyle Lift Different Than Other Facelifts?

Is there some secret technique?

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How is Lifestyle Lift Different? Oh, about 300,000 ways...

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The company behind the Lifestyle Lift infomercials has earned the dubious distinction of likely being the first company in the United States fined for "Astroturfing," or flooding the internet with false positive reviews.

In 2009 Lifestyle Lift was fined $300,000 for Astroturfing. See the New York Attorney General's settlement here: http://www.oag.state.ny.us/media_center/2009/july/july14b_09.html

Lifestyle Lift has taken Plastic Surgery marketing to a new low, one I strongly disagree with.

Please be careful out there! 

This is a procedure whose details are very unclear

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Yes there technique is so secret they do not want to reveal it.

Therefore, no one knows if it really is better.

How can you compare a procedure when the details are not made known. Other procedures have textbooks or articles printed in which the technical aspects are made clear.

I would suggest that you read more about this procedure.

Difference between a Lifestyle Lift and a traditional facelift

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I just wrote an opinion regarding the difference between a Lifestyle Lift and a traditional facelift, which you should be able to find under my profile. I think this is a procedure that "over-promises but under-delivers", while a good facelift should do the opposite. My patients have minimal bruising and are generally able to resume most normal social activities within a week to ten days after surgery, although I recommend waiting about three weeks before resuming strenuous exercise or scheduling appearances at important social events.

Yes, the cost of a "traditional" facelift is greater than that of a "Lifestyle Lift", but you get the full-service care and attention of your plastic surgeon with the former, less so with the latter. You get what you pay for.

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Difference between Lifestyle Lift and Facelift?

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This is a good question and one that floods my telephone lines daily. In my opinion a Llifestyle Lift is a modified limited incision Facelift. However, with that said no one really knows what it is as there are no textbook articles describing the procedure as there are for most traditional procedures. It is often done by non board certified certified Plastic Surgeons and under local anesthesia which allows for it to be done in a non accredited operating facility. Most surgeons including myself who own their own operating facilities are fully accredited. This ensures it's commitment to high quality care and compliance with the standards for ambulatory health care. In summary, It is my belief that Lifestyle Lift is a public relations term for a procedure. It has no written textbook regarding the technical aspects of the procedure. I suggest going to a good Facial Plastic Surgeon review all of the preoperative and postoperative photographs. Speak to many patients in different stages of recovery from the same procedures of interest. Make sure you have good patient physician communication. I also recommend digital imaging during the consultation phase so that you may view your purported results prior to any surgery. I hope this is helpful to you.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 212 reviews

What makes the lifestyle lift different than other facelifts

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The lifestyle lift is a trademark that refers to a lower third facelift using what is referred to as a SMAS plication or imbrication technique. This is a technique that anchors the muscle in the face in a more elevated fashion. It is designed to address jowling in the cheek and laxity (turkey neck) in the neck. There is nothing new or revolutionary about the procedure. 

What's revolutionary about the lifestyle lift is the marketing. Essentially, lifestyle lift is a corporation that markets facelifts using surgeons as technicians. It is important to understand that the marketing that they do is somewhat deceptive. This is not a procedure that takes one hour and it doesn't heal in 4-5 days. Any facelift that is done with the intention of lasting and done safely will typically take two or more hours, depending on the surgeon, and can take several weeks to heal, depending on the degree of invasiveness. I would be cautious and do multiple consultations with qualified and experienced surgeons before choosing someone to do your lift. Good luck!


Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 34 reviews

Lifestyle lift

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A lifestyle lift is a modified limited scar facelift often done by doctors that are not plastic surgeons. I would recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

LifeStyle vs other facelifts

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The LifeStyle Lift is a proprietary heavily branded type of mini lift that has a chain of offices across the United States. It is a mini-lift under my reasoning that it is focused on the lower face, does not require general anesthesia, and has abrevieated incisions in comparison to a traditional facelift. But then again there are lots of mini-lifts that offer similar claims.

The mini-lifts may be tough to choose from because of all the brand names such as LifeStyle Lift, S-Lift, Quick Lift, LiteLift, MACS and others. However, if you have a large amount of redundant skin and fat or turkey waddle deformity, you may benefit more by liposuction and a traditional facelift which does better with lower neck skin redundancy.
Probably most important is the skill and experience of the surgeon. Always check out his/her before and after photos and ask to see long term results and most of all that he is trained and a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  or Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience over many years.

How is a lifestyle different than other procedures

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First it is heavily advertised,second board certified doctors are not the people who perform it,and third in most cases it is a standard operation that works for some and not others as well...See my video and compare

facelift versus lifestyle lift differences

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 The lifestyle lift is a heavily marketed and advertised procedure type facelift. Mini lifts tend to give mini  results and we do not perform a mini lift very often. We perform a comprehensive lower face and neck lift giving a natural rejuvenation.
 To accomplish a comprehensive face and neck lift, tightening of the neck muscles, facial muscles and jowls needs to occur. Fatty deposits are removed from the neck. Excess and inelastic skin on the face and neck is also tightened.
 For many examples, please see  the link below to our comprehensive lower face neck lift photo gallery

What Makes Lifestyle Lift Different Than Other Facelifts?

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Here is a good review on the Lifestyle Lift. Hope this Helps.


Lifestyle Lift® Background
The company was founded in 2001 by Dr. David Kent to provide a better alternative to traditional facial procedures.Lifestyle Lift® currently employs over 70 doctors in 40 centers across the country. Our corporate headquarters is located
in Troy, Michigan.Dr. Kent pioneered the use of local anesthesia in place of more dangerous general anesthesia. Unlike a traditionalfacelift that can require weeks of recovery time, Lifestyle Lift® provides a less invasive facial procedure for the lower face
and neck, and as a result, patient recovery times are shorter. Patients often return to normal activities in about a week. The cost for a Lifestyle Lift® is significantly less than a traditional facelift, which has allowed men and women to enjoy a
facial rejuvenating procedure once available only to wealthy individuals. Since 2001, Lifestyle Lift® has performed morethan 150,000 procedures helping men and women look and feel younger.

The Lifestyle Lift® Procedure
The basic Lifestyle Lift® procedure is a short-flap SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) procedure that has been a proven, well-established facial plastic surgical procedure for more than 30 years. The procedure lifts and secures
the sagging skin and deeper muscle tissues from the lower face and neck. The incision is neatly concealed along the hairline, in front of and behind each ear. Excess skin is trimmed and the incision closed. Liposuction may be used in the
neck area if needed. Patients receive oral sedation prior to the procedure and the incision line is numbed with local anesthesia. Patients are comfortable, relaxed and alert throughout the procedure. Some patients nap through the procedure. The short-flap SMAS has become an increasingly popular procedure among surgeons for many reasons including safety, efficacy and cost. Each individual is different, but results for these Lifts are generally very good.

Outcomes and Recovery
To achieve the most satisfying results, our physicians customize the recommended treatment to the specific needs ofthe patient, which may include additional procedures such as blepharoplasty, liposuction or laser treatment. Because
each patient is unique, outcomes and recovery times vary. Typically, recovery time is about a week, but some patients may take longer. Surgical incisions are carefully concealed in the hairline and behind the ear. The amount of scarring differs for each
patient. Excessive scarring can often be minimized with laser treatment, and Lifestyle Lift® physicians also use the most advanced laser technology available in the field today.

Safety and Efficacy
Lifestyle Lift® physicians only perform facial rejuvenating procedures, making them among the most experienced specialists in the country. As a result, Lifestyle Lift® has an outstanding safety record. Our rate for complications is less than 0.5 percent, far lower than the average rate as reported in peer-reviewed medical journals.
Additionally, our approach to reporting, tracking and managing complications is unique and exemplary for the profession. All complications are reported and reviewed by one of three regional medical directors. This physicianm group has presented numerous professional presentations on our complication and infection rates, including annual AAFPRS meetings, ASLMS, TAS, and the Multispecialty Society.

Physician Credentials and Experience
All Lifestyle Lift® surgeons have completed a residency in Facial Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery or ENT Head and Neck Surgery. We do not employ cosmetic surgeons. More than 70 Lifestyle Lift® physicians are board certified or board eligible and about half are double board certified by the following organizations: American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, or the American Board of Surgery. Additionally, the majority of our doctors have privileges at local hospitals. One distinguishing factor in our practice is the experience of our surgeons. Lifestyle Lift® only provides rejuvenating facial surgeries. Our doctors perform more facelifts than anyone in the country, over 25,000 facelifts and other facial procedures per year. A typical Lifestyle Lift® doctor performs ten to fifteen facial procedures in a week, more than many of their colleagues perform in a year. They can do this many surgeries because our business model has relieved them of many of the back office functions, allowing them to concentrate solely on the patient and the surgery. As a result, our doctors have become extremely experienced and proficient in these procedures.

Patient Satisfaction
Every patient is unique; therefore, results and experience differ from patient to patient. Patient satisfaction is very important to us, and to insure that patients are well cared for throughout their experience at Lifestyle Lift®, we’ve developed a multi-step process to carefully track, measure and document patient satisfaction.
In addition to the follow-up care by our physicians and staff, post-op patients are surveyed by an independent company to determine the patient’s level of satisfaction and to identify any issues with the experience or customer service. The following 4-step approach has proven to be exceptionally successful in delivering a satisfying patient experience.
1. If a patient is not completely satisfied with the results, he or she is asked to come back for a free consultation with the physician. Minor revisions may be performed at no additional charge or minimal cost.
2. If a patient is still unsatisfied, the patient will be referred to another Lifestyle Lift® physician for a second opinion.
3. If a patient remains unsatisfied with the customer service or care, the patient is referred to the Patient Relations Group in corporate headquarters who will consult with one of our three Regional Medical Directors for a medical evaluation and to find a satisfactory solution.
4. In some cases, patients may receive a partial or full refund.
Our patient satisfaction process is exemplary in the profession. We work very hard to make sure every patient has an outstanding experience with us, and we continue to get better and better at it.

Important Patient Requirements for a Satisfactory Outcome
1. At the first consultation with their doctor, patients are required to fully disclose their complete medical history. It’s critically important to report any existing conditions, current medications, or allergies that might adversely affect the outcome of a procedure and jeopardize a patient’s health. If there are any medical concerns, a Lifestyle Lift® physician will consult with the patient’s primary care doctor before proceeding with any surgical procedure.
2. An allergic reaction to local anesthesia is rare, but possible. The local anesthesia that Lifestyle Lift® uses is commonly used in dentistry. Patients should talk to their doctor if they are unfamiliar with or have any concerns about local anesthesia. Because patients who come to Lifestyle Lift® are typically greater than 50 years old, they very likely have already experienced local anesthesia (lidocaine) with their dentist or with minor suturing. This means it’s even more uncommon for a Lifestyle Lift® patient to have issues with anesthesia.
3. Cessation of smoking before and after any surgical procedure is critical to proper healing. Smoking restricts blood circulation and impedes the healing process.
4. Carefully following post-op care instructions and proper follow-up with the patient’s Lifestyle Lift® physician are critical to achieving the best results from the procedure and for general good health.

Additional Facial Rejuvenating Services Offered
Lifestyle Lift® physicians specialize in a lower face SMAS procedure. However, every patient is unique and our centers offer a variety of facial rejuvenating services and procedures in addition to the Lifestyle Lift®. Please note that not all centers or physicians offer all of these services:
 Naturalyn™ - a filler procedure using the patient’s own fat cells.
 Fractional C02 - resurfaces the skin and stimulates collagen growth
 Blepharoplasty procedure - for eyelids
 Lipo sculpting – to remove excess fat from the face and neck
 Platysmaplasty – to tighten loose skin on the neck
 Bilateral brow lift
 Injectable fillers and Botox

Consultation and Consent Forms
1. Every prospective patient must complete a comprehensive medical history.
2. The prospective patient meets with a trained, professional consultant who:
 introduces the patient to the various procedures available,
 demonstrates the Lifestyle Lift® with an educational video presentation,
 answers basic procedural and financial questions,
 provides the patient with a package of informational materials and consent forms to take home and review.
3. The prospective patient visits with the surgeon for a medical consult. The majority of these consults occur 2 weeks or more prior to surgery. The physician has complete discretion as to procedures, techniques or other medical decisions that are most appropriate for each particular patient.
4. Patients sign a comprehensive informed consent form based on American Society of Plastic Surgeons guidelines. The patient signs the consent form only after the doctor has reviewed it with him or her, and typically two weeks prior to surgery. On a rare instance a patient may elect to add a procedure on the day of surgery.

Day of Surgery
1. The first order of business is to review and complete all patient consent forms. Signatures must be secured before proceeding with any pre-op preparations.
2. Per pre-surgical instructions, oral sedatives are delivered by our medical staff to the patient in our centers at the exact time to maximize the meds effectiveness. The meds are not delivered until the patient has completed the informed consent forms.
Lifestyle Lift® physicians use a Level 1 anesthesia (which blocks the pain but does not cause unconsciousness) such as Lidocaine. Local anesthesia has fewer side effects, a quicker recovery time and fewer risk factors than general anesthesia as reported in peer-reviewed medical journals. All Lifestyle Lift® physicians are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and every procedure room is equipped with emergency equipment

Lifestyle Lift® Business Model
Lifestyle Lift® is a privately-held business, and a unique medical practice in our field. We use national advertising, economies of scale and proven business processes to deliver a superior patient experience and satisfaction. This model allows us to use the most advanced technologies to deliver superior results. We assume all responsibilities of managing a practice for our physicians, which allows them to spend 100% of their time on patient care. This is how we are able to serve a larger volume of patients with better, more reliable results.Additionally, our doctors also have exceptional experience, with many performing 400 to 500 facelifts a year. Our most tenured surgeons have performed thousands of procedures. This kind of experience makes for better patient results. Lifestyle Lift® Regional Medical Directors visit regularly visit our Centers to observe surgery, facilitate ongoing training and conduct national meetings where physicians share best practices, techniques and data as well as new innovations. We have mandatory training programs for every aspect of our practice.
In summary, Lifestyle Lift® doctors exemplify the highest quality in care and professionalism. We have the resources, capabilities and expertise to do far more than what a small practice can do for patients. Our doctors have exceptional experience in facial surgery. We track data and use that data to make our doctors and company better for our patients. Our doctors are responsible for all patient decisions, with oversight by a team of Regional Medical Directors that insures quality and consistency in care. Our patients are surveyed to insure that we are meeting their expectations, and that they have an exceptional experience in our care.

Lifestyle Lift® Innovation Center
Another exceptional feature of our medical practice is the Lifestyle Lift® Innovation Center. Our Albuquerque, New Mexico Center is working in partnership with the leading medical device and technology manufacturers in the U.S. to test new equipment for quality, safety and efficacy before being used in our general practice. The Center is currently in trials with robot assisted surgery, the most advanced laser surgery technology, well as other medical devices, fillers, processes and procedures.

Lifestyle Lift® Marketing and Advertising
All Lifestyle Lift® marketing materials meet the highest standards in advertising. Patient “before” and “after” results and comments on the Lifestyle Lift® website, television and print materials are actual comments and un-retouched photos that represent thousands of our patients. Grammy® award winner Debby Boone currently serves as our advertising spokesperson in the Lifestyle Lift® television and print campaigns.
We’ve worked closely with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to insure that our business practices are ethical. Our materials have been reviewed by the BBB’s National Advertising Division and other regulatory agencies, and we have implemented every recommendation from these oversight organizations.


Farhan Taghizadeh, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.