What is Elos?

Our internal medicne doc down in Scottsdale, Arizona had some info on Elos Technology...ReFirme Tighten and firm skin...no surgery... One of his PAs is certified in the technology...actually it looks like something I would do. Have no idea of the cost, probably a lot. I see that there is a little "gun like thing" that is rubbed over the skin.

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Elos Technology

elōs technology is a synergistic combination of optical and bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) energies. elōs heats the skin's dermal layer of tissue with precisely targeted RF and light energy, stimulating normalized cell growth.

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ELOS is Electrical Optical Synergy, a marriage of RF and a non-RF source of energy such as broad-band light in an IPL ….SR, SRA, AC, and 700-2000nm in the Refirme, and with the 810nm  Diode laser for hair removal, the Matrix IR in the 915 nm range, and LV for vein removal.

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ELOS uses Radiorequency and Laser Light

The idea is that it will tighten your skin. You can read unbiased reviews about those therapies on this website. The costs is usually in the thousands, and most patients (i.e. over 50%) seem to feel it was not worth it.

Nonetheless, the treatment does not involve surgery and has little if any downtime. It may benefit a small number of individuals who are looking for subtle changes. It certainly will not deliver results anywhere near surgery.

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