What is Invisalign Teen and How is It Different?

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Invisalign Teen, what is it?

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Invisalign Teen is the same as Invisalign adult except for 3 things:

1     Invisalign Teen has small blue dots on each aligner and they fade after about 2 weeks of wear.

Now we know that teenagers are not always that compliant, so if the aligner spends more time in the hockey bag than in the mouth, then 2 weeks will soon come and go and the movements will not have been completed.

So teenagers can wear the aligners part-time ( but not recommended ) until the blue dots fade.

2    Invisalign Teen can be done on teenagers who may have some baby or decidous teeth present. There are spaces left in the aligners for when the adult teeth erupt through.

3    Invisalign Teen allows parents to order replacement aligners for when their child may lose an aligner.

Same product as Invisalign but with 4 changes

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Our office was part of the Invisalign Teen pilot project when Align Technology wanted to develop a product that addressed many of the barriers for teenagers to be candidates for Invisalign. In some applications, Invisalign Teen may be used for non-teen patients as well.

Invisalign Teen is the same product as Invisalign with a few key differences:

-compliance indicators to gauge approximate wear time
-power ridges for lingual root torque of upper front teeth
-eruption tabs to compensate for the fact that not all teeth may be fully in
-six replacement aligners to reduce the worry over lost aligners

Candidates for Invisalign would be candidates for Invisalign Teen. Our office has now completed some treatments using Teen with great success. The product became available world-wide at the beginning of March 2009.

Jason K. Tam, DDS
Toronto Orthodontist

Invisalign Teen lets teens know Invisalign isn't just for adults

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When you go to the Invisalign doctor locator those offices that use Invisalign for teenagers have the Invisalign Teen logo. Invisalign Teen is essentially the same appliance as regular Invisalign, but because it is being used on a younger patient a greater level of experience with growth and development becomes essential.

Rob van den Berg, DDS, MS
San Ramon Orthodontist

What is Invisalign Teen?

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Some of the other doctors have given good answers to this question. In our practice we find we can use Invisalign for teenagers more often than we use regular braces. In many cases, Invisalign may be the best way to corect a bite problem since movement of individual teeth can be isolated - something that is often difficult to do with regular braces. For example, let's take a patient in whom the bite of the back teeth does not require correction but we only need to correct some crowded, or spaced, front teeth. In that case Invisalign can be designed to hold the back teeth in position while the front teeth are being moved. Invisalign Teen has been a great addition to the options that orthodonitsts have to create attractive healthy smiles.


Bill McNeill

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

What is Invisalign Teen?

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Invisalign Teen has important added features that address the needs and compliance issues of teens which are a bit different than adults. Colored "compliance tabs" can track actual wear time for your teen during each aligner so movements are completed before the next aligner is used. This product allows for adult teeth to erupt into place over time by providing spaces in the aligner. The use of Eruption tabs will prevent molars from pushing past their desired flat planes!  Invisalign Teen also allows for 6 replacement aligners free of charge should previous aligners become lost or damaged. As you can guess Invisalign Teen is not for all but gives us a powerful option to address Orthodontic issues present in many teenagers from 13 to 17!

Howard Perlmutter, DMD
Paramus Dentist

What is Invisalign Teen ?

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The Invisalign Teen product has been developed to deal specifically with the following short-comings of the traditional "adult" oriented product: (1) eruption of permanent teeth during treatment, (2) compliance and (3) loss.  Teenagers may or may not have fully erupted teeth prior to starting treatment.  The Teen product takes into account "eruption", allowing the teeth to come into the arch during treatment.  Compliance with any orthodontic appliance can be problematic.  The Invisalign Teen product has "built in" compliance monitors to aid patients and practitioners in knowing how much the aligners are being worn.  And lastly, since loss of aligners can be problematic, several "replacement trays" have been built into the cost of the Invisalign fee charged to the Invisalign Provider.

Kara J. McCulloch, DMD
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Invisalign Teen catching on!

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Dr Jason K Tam, DDS Toronto Orthodontist has given an excellent overview of the differences between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.  Please refer to his blog.  During the past year Invisalign Teen has really caught on and has been shown to be effective with teens.  They really like the idea of wearing an "adult" appliance that is inconspicuous and cool!  Please understand that this will not work for even the majority of cases, but sometimes can be used as combination treatment with dentofacial orthopedics (bone changing appliances) and/or braces to cut down on the time of braces.  Orthodontics is getting more creative when it comes to the needs of our patients.  That is great for everyone.  Enjoy the rewards of a beautiful smile!

Invisalign Teen has wear markers for monitoring

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For invisalign teen we can build in places for the adult teeth to properly move into position and have wear markers to monitor how long the young adult has been wearing them. In the fall of 10 all the aligners will have this built in system. Also the teen program allows for more aligner replacements.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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