What Will Happen to my Breasts if I Remove my Implants?

I recently had implant of a size C put in from a size A. It wasn't a big change but im suffering from health issues with them so im looking to get them removed. It has been 7months and was wondering what the out come would be. There in very good shape.. would i need a lift? That's my biggest fear.

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Breast shape after implant removal

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It's always hard to know how your breasts will look after the implants have been removed. If they have only been in place for 7 months, there is an excellent chance that they will resume the same size and shape they had before the implant surgery. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee that.

A breast lift is always a reasonable option to help shape the breast after the implants have been removed. That would be best determined with your plastic surgeon after a thorough physical examination.

The most conservative option would be to remove the implants (if that is indeed indicated) and consider a breast lift at the same time only if you were considering it before the implants were inserted. It may be best to do nothing, see how how your breasts look and feel. Give it 6-12 months or more and then consider the options only if the shape bothers you.

Rockville Plastic Surgeon

Your breasts should look relatively normal after implant removal

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It is certainly a great worry for most patients that are removing implants that their breasts will look deformed. It has been my experience that even after many years of having implants, the breasts look normal upon removing the implants. The breasts may not look the same as before, but more likely than not they should look normal. This is particularly true in your situation since the implants have only been in for 7 months. If you did not require a lift prior to your augmentation it is unlikely you would need one 7 months later.

Also if you have saline implants you can see what your breasts would look like without implants without actually removing the implants. Your surgeon could remove the saline by simply inserting a needle throught the skin and into the implant. This will allow complete removal of the saline without actually having to do an operation. That way you can assess the contours and plan accordingly. I hope that this was helpful.

Phillip H. Nakano, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Entirely possible

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This will depend on how thin and stretched your tissues are. I have removed implants where there has been no need for anything other than routine post-op care and in other cases a lift was beneficial. Unless there is an infection around your implants there most likely won't be a change in your general health after removal of your implants. Whatever you chose to do, I wish you well.

Dr Edwards

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