Do Face Peels Contain Natural Chemicals?

I am looking for a natural skin care alternative to Botox. Is a chemical peel made from natural chemicals or manufactured ingredients?

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Chemical peel Natural

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Yes, most chemical peels are derived from natural resources. For example a glycolic peel is sourced from the sugar Cain plant. Chemical peels are mostly an acid from natural sources that drops the skin PH to interrupt the bonding between skin cells creating exfoliation



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Chemical Peels

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Skin care is diferent than Botox diffrent than peels. Each has a function and an indiication for use.

Discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Natural skincare starts with basic care and maintenance

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Don't jump to Botox Cosmetic or a chemical peel before starting with the skin basics. Other skin care methods such as cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and toning come after these initial basics are implemented.

Sun Protection
Even the little bits of sun exposure during routine daily activities (ie. walking to your car) add up over a lifetime. Utilize daily sunscreen ,which blocks both UVA and UVB, covering hats, and sunglasses to help protect your skin.

Maintain a Healthy Diet
Your appearance reflects the food you eat. We all know fresh fruits and vegetables are great for muscles, bones, and your vital organs, but the natural vitamins and minerals are also great for your skin. Too many calories end up being converted to fat, usually in your hips, abdomen, legs, neck, and face.

Get Adequate Sleep
Inadequate sleep does more than promote baggy eyelids. Poor sleep also contributes to increase facial wrinkles and skin sallowness. The ideal of at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep may be difficult for our busy lives. However, even small cat-naps during the day are beneficial.

Avoid Smoking
One can usually spot a long-time smoker based on a picture alone. Premature skin aging is notorious in this population. Today there are many options to help quit this habit.

Keep Well Hydrated
The entire adult human body is mostly water, including the skin. Water naturally hydrates your body and helps prevent dry skin. Well hydrated skin functions better and can help maintain youthful appearance. Eight glasses of water a day is the recommended minimum amount of water intake. Athletes and active people, more is needed to replace the fluid they excrete through perspiration.

Be Gentle
Wash your face with gentle cleansers. Strong cleansers may be harmful to sensitive skin. Wipe dry with a soft cloth, and don't rub hard. Aggressive manipulation of the skin may irritate the skin and cause redness and swelling.

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Chemical peels are natural

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Just remember that glycolic acid, the most common peel, is derived from sugar cane. Lactobionic and lactic acid peels are from milk sugar (lactose) and there are many other fruit sugars that are used for chemical peeling.

The key is to find an acid with a low enough ph to disrupt the chemical bonds between the cells and help the exfoliation process. Remember that the story goes that the beautiful Cleopatra used milk and honey on her skin to enhance its beauty (chemical peeling effects) long before Obagi and Neo Strata were ever invented.

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

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