What is the Difference in Vaser, Vaser Hi Def and Vaser Super Def

Is vaser better than smartlipo?

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VASER is the tool, hi-def and super-def are tehniques...

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Hi there-

The VASER is an ultrasound based machine for improvement in body contour. The ultrasound energy disrupts the fat cells, while preserving blood vessels and nerves, and minimizing risks to skin and muscles.

VASER hi-def and VASER super-def are techniques for the use of the VASER, in which the VASER is used in more superficial areas for improved body contour and muscle definition. These techniques are best reserved for those who are already in pretty good shape, but who want more muscle definition, as in the abdominal six-pack.

And yes, in my opinion the VASER is a better tool than laser based devices (like Smart lipo, Cool lipo, and Slim lipo). I determined this after using these other devices and learning that the laser tips will burn whatever you point them at, and tend to cause dents and ripples in the body shape- which nobody likes. If that's not enough, these machines are very expensive. So in summary, they don't work better than the VASER, are not as safe as the VASER, and they cost a lot more money (so I would have to raise my fee to my patients in order to pay for the machine).

But none of this means anything if you don't first understand the importance of the right surgeon. A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery will be able to achieve good outcomes for patients with whatever tool you put in their hands. Find a surgeon you like and trust first... and follow their recommendations to the body contour you desire.

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