What is the Difference Between Fraxel Laser and SmartXide?

I keep reading about CO2 laser treatments and am getting confused. Isn't SmartXide also a CO2 laser treatment? How does it differ from Fraxel Laser, and which between the two is better?

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Deka's SmartXide Dot Versus Solta's Fraxel re:pair

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Hi Sunny,

A year ago at this time, Fraxel re:pair and Total FX were the only fractionated CO2 lasers on the market. Last June there were about 7, and today there are over 10 with that number continuing to grow over the next few years.

SmartXide Dot is manufactured by Deka. The delivery of the laser is a scanned stamping mode. The wave length is 10600 nm, the density ranges from 5-100%, the pulse duration is 200us to 80ms, the pulse delivery is SuperPulse, and there are no consumables or smoke evacuation system built in. The spot size, energy levels, and depth of penetration are not available.

The Fraxel re:pair is the only fractionated laser that has IOTS (roller paintbrush) application. Fraxel re:pair has over 30 publications in scientific peer reviewed cosmetic and surgical journals (as of last June the closest competitor had 2). The wavelength is 10600 nm, the spot size is less than 140 microns, the density ranges from 5-70%, the energy varies from 5-70 mj, the depth is up to 1.6 millimeter, the pulse duration is 0.15-3 ms, the delivery is UltraPulse, the maximum coverage rate is 1200 sq mm per sec (the fastest), there are consumables, and there is a built in integrated smoke evacuation system.

All fractionated CO2 lasers are very powerful rejuvenation tools. I personally chose Fraxel re:pair because of its 2 1/2 years of clinical research prior to release and its effectiveness and safety profiles.

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