What is the Difference Between Bella Contour and Ultrashape-Contour 1?

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Bella Contour vs Ultrashape

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I know very little about BellaContour and called some of my colleagues seeking more information. None of them have heard of this company or this medical device. The only source of information was obtained from their website.

BellaContour is an external application of ultrasound that is applied to the skin. Their website claims that the BellaContour is FDA approved “for enhancing muscular blood flow and reducing joint pain and reducing cellulite”. The frequency range used by this device is what is typically used to treat sports injuries. It does not appear to be in the range for reducing fat content. Additionally, the ultrasonic energy is not “High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)”. Efficacy of their product was sketchy and the company did not report any clinical trials.

UltraShape® is a medical device which applies external ultrasound transmitted through the skin to break the fat cells apart, thereby improving one’s body contour. This is performed in the physician’s office. UltraShape® is not yet FDA approved in the USA. It is currently undergoing clinical trials held in the United States and abroad. It does employ HIFU technology which appears effective in breaking down the fat. HIFU applies high ultrasonic energy through the skin and focuses this energy onto the fat cell layer underneath. The cells are then “melted”. In fact, the FDA’s major concern is the breakdown products of fat into free fatty acids, triglycerides, and glycerol. These byproducts of fat are cleared by the liver. The FDA is concerned whether or not the liver can adequately and safely metabolize these by-products. Another unique aspect of UltraShape® is a tracking system which prevents areas from being overtreated

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