What is the Cost of Keloid Removal?

If this isn't a procedure covered by insurance, what would it cost out of pocket to pay for keloid removal?

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Cost of keloid removal

Keloids vary in size, shape and location.

Some can easily be removed under local while others require general anesthesia.

Most can be removed in an outpatient setting and frequently in the office.

Some require skin grafts while others may require more than one operation.

Some may require post-operative interventions such as injections or radiation therapy.

Given all these considerations small keloids may be removed for as little as $500 but it could easily be as high as several thousand dollars for more complex keloids

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Keloid scars can be removed to reduce deformity and improve skin contour

Keloid scars occur because of a dysregulation of normal scar formation by fibroblasts. Treatment should revolve around minimizing invasive procedures and preempting scar recurrence.

The cost of keloid reconstruction is often covered by insurance. The specifics depend on the amount of symptoms and the specific coverage of your individual insurance carrier.

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