What Causes Upper Lip Discoloration?

I am 50 years old, fair, sun-protected skin. This winter, the area on my upper lip is becoming dark and difficult to hide. What is causing this? Hormones? I recently had my FSH tested and I am still several years away from menopause.

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Upper lip discoloration

There are many reasons why someone can develop upper lip discoloration. The most common is melasma in women. This is mostly due to sun exposure and hormonal changes (for example being on birth control pills or pregnancy).

There are different methods to help improve the discoloration. To start, you should be certain to always protect your skin from sun exposure, using sunscreen daily. One can begin by trying topical lightening treatments. There is the bleaching cream hydroquinone which helps prevent further darkening. There are also newer products on the market such as Elure, which helps break down already existing pigment on the skin by using a naturally occurring enzyme.

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