What Can I Expect During Lifestyle Lift Recovery?

I am only having the lifestyle lift. will I be able to go back to work in 4 days?

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Lifestyle Lift Recovery

Please read the reviews. 63% are not happy with the result or the way they are treated.  The overall take home message in Lifestyle Lift Recovery Expectations:  Expect to be ignored.

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Pleaes read the attached link about this service in YOUR STATE!

Before you consider going through with the surgery, are you aware of the following concerns regarding the service you have chosen? I would highly recommend that you review the attached link. It is best to be fully informed. This is especially important regarding your state.

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What Can I Expect During Lifestyle Lift Recovery?

Facelift recovery varies by the patient and the exact procedure performed. I typically tell patients that they will be able to return to work at one week. This is the point when much of the swelling begins to resolve and you can wear makeup to camouflage any visible incisions. Patients begin to look very good and feel very confident about their results at two to three weeks. Returning to work in four days is likely ambitious and you might find that you need more time. I hope this information is helpful.

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Lifestyle Lift recovery time

When considering a facelift it is important to consider the following factors.

1. Safety - make sure that whoever is performing the procedure is competent and qualified and makes your safety rather than their bank account their primary concern

I have no reason to believe that LSL is operating in an unsafe manner but I would be cautious about putting my face and health in the hands of a corporate style cosmetic surgery mill. 

2. Cosmetic outcome - no explanation is needed

Read reviews on the LSL in order to gauge whether or not they are going to meet the expectations that you have.

3. Experience - Many people focus exclusively on results which are obviously very important, but it is also very important to consider the entire experience from your first consultation to you final post-op visit including the actual procedure

I think that this is a major shortcoming for LSL. Many of the complaints focus on lack of physician interaction, unrealistic expectations, and discomfort during the procedure. 

I believe LSL is deceptive in their advertising regarding the downtime and required and the comfort of the actual procedure. Any person who is getting a facelift that will yield lasting results will require more than 4 days to recover. I always inform my patients that they will need a minimum of 7 days to recover and more often they will require 10-14 days. If you rush your recovery you put yourself at a much increased risk of post-operative complications that ultimately will delay your recovery and jeopordize your results. I would definitely take more time off.

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Each individual's recovery from surgery is unique...

Each individual’s recovery from surgery is unique.

  • In general, the thinner your tissues, the less swelling you will experience much like a thinner sponge will absorb less water than a thicker sponge when exposed to the same bath of water.
  • Adjunctive procedures such as liposuction or platysmaplasty will deliver additional benefits to the lift but at the expense of increasing the recovery time.
  • Other medical conditions and comorbidities must also be considered in estimating recovery as well.
  • Assuming overall good health and likelihood of additional procedures, for most I suggest a week for enough recovery to return to sedentary work.

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facelift recovery

  The recovery from a facelift typically takes approximately 2 weeks. Most of the visible swelling and bruising has subsided after 2 weeks, however there is some minimal swelling that takes a couple months to settle down. The incisions in front and behind  the ears also take 2-3 months settle in and heal as well. Anticipate 2 weeks of down time away from work, social activities, and  exercise
 For many examples, please see the link below to our facelift photo galllery

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Generally 7 days

The time to return to work generally is very close to the seven-day mark after Lifestyle Lift procedure. This can vary; there are individuals who can return as soon as four days and then there is a small population that require up to two weeks. But generally a week is needed. There are areas that require healing in and around the ears and the most that can be done to minimize the swelling and increase the healing is needed and required and very helpful. Specifically no exertional activity and refraining from aspirin and ibuprofen are quite helpful. Trying to rush back into work after a few days is not generally the best thing to do as we like for the areas to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is best to at least take 7 days off of work and play.

David Q. Santos, MD
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