Root Canal Recovery

What can one expect to feel or experience after getting the root canal?

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Recovery from root canal

First of all, you should not feel any more pain from that tooth. There could be some soreness for a few days after treatment is completed, but overall, if you had pain before, it should be better. Most endodontically treated (root canal) teeth will need a crown placed for protection and strength. Keep in mind that after root canal treatment you should be able to feel pain from the surrounding tissue but not from the tooth itself, so if the tooth starts to hurt, get it checked out. Pain could mean it needs retreatment.

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In the past, a root-filled tooth would often darken...

In the past, a root-filled tooth would often darken after treatment. However, with modern techniques this does not usually happen.

As root canal treatment can sometimes weaken the tooth, a crown maybe required to strengthen it and prevent the tooth from fracturing.

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Rootcanal symptoms postop

after a tooth has had the nerve removed and treated the patient should expect to have a few expected symptoms

1. a soar or bruised like feeling may be likely( 600 mg of ibuprofen or aleve taken 1 hr before procedure helps)

2. the ability to feel cold or hot should not be present ( if so the nerve tissue may still be present in a undiscovered canal)

3. the natural architecture of the tooth is usually compromised in back teeth especially so a full coverage restoration is usually needed to ensure strength of the tooth

4. if pain is gone and then in a few months pain returns then the possibility of a reinfected root canal system may be present and further treatment needed

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