What Can I Do to Correct Bad Procedures?

Ok let me start by saying that 2 years ago I did my breast and loss sensation, then I did lipo in my stomach and the doctor took too much fat from lower stomach, not sure if I should add fat in it. Then I also did the treatment Accent and that made my skin worse! it made my cellulite more noticeable. I really don't know what to do... Plz i need advice

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Side effects of breast surgery and liposuction

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There is a risk of sensory loss after most surgeries. Many times, the sensation can return, although not necessarily 100%, over many months to a year or more. It is very rare that someone says that too much fat was removed from liposuction unless it was in a focal area and there is a depression. In this event, you can have fat injections to the depressed area(s). This can also help cellulite at times, but as the depressions in cellulite are so small it is very difficult to provide a homogenously smooth result.

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