What Can Be Done About my Nose Tip?

I'm very unhappy with the way the tip of my nose looks. I have smaller than average nostrils, and I feel like it just looks like a Monet up close. I'm also unhappy with the area under my nose as well. Could fat grafts make it not look so protruding or would I need some help on my upper lip as well? The rest of my face is okay.

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It depends on exactly what you want.

 If you mean you would like the tip to be smaller and protrude less, that can be done. If you mean you'd like your upper lip to be fuller, that can be done with fat or Juviderm. You should see a rhinoplasty specialist and discuss your goals.

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Changes can be made

A tip rhinoplasty could be performed that could lift the tip up, which gives the illusion of having a longer upper lip. Fat grafts are not put into the upper lip. The nostrils will not be able to be made to be larger than they currently are.

William Portuese, MD
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