What Are the Risks of Removing Permanent Lip Filler Lumps and Granulomas?

I'm not sure which is in my lips but I would like to have it removed. My doctor offered to freeze it and cut in and look to see if he can remove it. I'm nervous. What are the risks in removing a permanent lip filler, or possible granuloma?

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Filler granulomas can be successfully treated

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I have addressed this difficult issue in an article I wrote for the journal Dermatologic Surgery. The main risks of removing granulomas, which result from the permanent synthetic injectable fillers such as silicone, polylactic acid and polymethylmethacrylate in this country, are scarring and deformation of the lip. On balance, it generally will look better to have large isolated granulomas removed. Serial steriod injections are helpful in cases that have extensive areas of granulomas and/or areas of recurrent inflammation.

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