What is Acne Scar Subcision?

What is acne scar subcision? How does acne scar subcision work?

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Subcision elevates acne scars to improve appearance

Subcision elevates acne scars to improve appearance. This is done in a couple of different ways. One way is to use a needle that is worked under the skin from multiple entry points. The needle is worked back and forth to stimulate the tissue under the scars. This creates of layer of tissue under the scars that helps to release the scars and to create some tissue underneath to allow the scars to rise up.  Another form of subcision is by way of incising around scars that are then elevated and sewn to the surrounding areas.  This is another way of elevating depressed scars.

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...freeing up bound down, or tethered scars

This is one of my favoured techniques for removing or improving tethered scars. It essentially means going under the skin's surface to break up the scar, using either a blunt needle or a blade. 

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Acne scar subcision

 Acne scar subcision is performed to free the scarred acne skin from the underlying subcutaneous fat.  This is an OK procedure but best to combine with fat grafting to "refill" the lost subcutaneous fat that occurred after the acne scarring developed.

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