Am I a candidate for Snap-Ons?

I just got 2 partial dentures . I cannot eat a thing even soft food . I have four front top existing teeth on top and my 2 canines on the bottom . Would snap ons work for me? I am really suffering and miserable the way things are. Thank you so much for any advice you can give me. My name is Denise 

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Yes, you can have a solution, and you will have 2 amazing options, 

option1, SNAPINDENTURES, they are strong, stable, no roof of the palate, and you will be able to eat and chew without no problem, no more glues, and you will love them,they are removable and you will find great solution!

option2, ALL ON 4 BY NOBEL BIOCARE, this are a non removable, screw retained, and are anchored over 4 implants, you do not need to take them out, and you will have strong and stable teeth again, you will love your teeth. 

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Snap on Smile?

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Hi Denise--I am so sorry that you are suffering with your removable partials. Unfortunately Snap on Smile is exactly that--It snaps onto your teeth to create a new looking smile. 

Unfortunately with so few teeth remaining only removable partials or implants are options for you. It is not unusual to be sore with new partials but if they are well designed and made they should function OK.

They are not real teeth and sit on top of the gums and they flex and twist under chewing forces so they have to be used with lighter pressures.

Please see your dentist and have them adjust your new partials and you should feel better.

Good Luck

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