Small bump on nose one week after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had my nose done a week ago.. My surgeon removed my nasal hump by filing it down, reduced the size of my tip and lifted it. No bones were broken therefore no splint was needed; my nose was taped and stitched up for a week and my bridge looked amazing, just how i wanted it. Today when the bandages were removed, I went home and noticed a small hump on my nose and now I'm extremely concerned. I'm very swollen but I'm not sure if this is why my nose is appearing like this.. help please

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My hump is still there after rhinoplasty

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Don't be concerned!   If it looked good immediately after surgery then it is probably swelling.   There is a small chance that there is some scar tissue odds also sometimes,  the swelling was initially masking the hump and now that the swelling is getting better you notice it.   See your surgeon soon. 

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