Am I showing signs of early jowling? (Photo)

Hello! I have a small, thin face and a small chin, but I don't actually want to increase the size of my chin so as to not lengthen my face more. I would like to know if anything can be done about the fullness I perceive in my lower jaw area. I don't know if it's early jowling, enlarged masseter muscles from clenching and grinding my teeth, the unfortunate by-product of having very high cheekbones, or my imagination making it seem worse than it is. I'd love to hear professional opinions. Thanks!

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Early jowling

Looking at your photos, I think that you have a nice jawline and no signs of early jowling. Your chin is slightly narrow in a frontal view and slightly recessed in the one lateral picture. Your jawline has a beautiful line when you smile. If you elected to increase the lateral projection of your chin with a chin implant, it would actually have the opposite effect than you think; it would decrease the overall length of your face.

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