Can Septoplasty Fix This? (photo)

My septum has deviated over the last 2 years not to the right or left, but outwards. It has caused me to be congested and have difficulty breathing every single day. It is clearly out of alignment to the point where breathing through my nose is very hard to do, not like it was just a couple years ago. Here are 2 pictures of my nose at 18 years old and my nose today at 20 years old. Keep in mind that from straight on my nose looks straight but the septum is very clearly not in the right place.

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Can septoplasty fix this?

Nasal obstructions such as valve collapse and vestibular stenosis have to do with a short narrow angle between the upper lateral cartilage and the septum, which can be addressed through spreader grafts.  A deviated septum can make breathing difficult out of one or both sides of the nose, depending upon how deviated it is.  This is typically caused by trauma.  When the turbinates are enlarged, this is considered turbinate hypertrophy and can also lead to nasal obstruction.  Turbinates become enlarged due to allergies and sinus infections, altitude, air pressure changes, and pollutants in the air.  Typically, nasal obstruction symptoms are first treated medically with nasal sprays, antihistamines, and decongestants.  When that has failed, treatment by surgical means is considered.   Fixing a deviated septum will not affect the external portion of the nose.  Any hump removal on the dorsal bridge is considered a rhinoplasty and will need to be paid for by the patient.

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Can septoplasty fix this?

Looking at your photos, it is difficult to provide you with advice for your individual condition. Sometimes, a deviated septum can lead to a deviated nose, and this would be evident from a frontal view. In general, a septoplasty will fix a deviated septum. In most cases, we are unable to get the septum 100% straight. But it is possible to make great improvements to your septum and improve your breathing, which will greatly enhance your quality of life. I would recommend a consultation with an experienced board certified surgeon to assess your breathing issue and determine how it may be improved. Thank you and best of luck!

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Septolasty, fixing a deviated septum can usually be done without changing the nose at all

The common misconception is that getting a deviated seputm fixed will change the outside of the nose. The septum is the dividing wall in the middle of the nose. When it's crooked, it's deviated. Fixing breathing alone usually can be accomplished by removing or moving some of the crooked parts; which will not change the outside or even cause black and blue eyes.

Often when people are diagnosed with deviated septums, they also consider cosmetic changes to their noses at the same time but this is not always necessary.

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