Awhile ago my eyebrow ring got caught in my shirts. Any suggestions for my keloid scar?

ok so awhile ago my eyebrow ring got caught in my shirtas i was taking it off and ripped my eyebrow pretty decently. so i took it out and thought it would heal properly and it didnt. now i have this decent sized like scar type knot where it was. i think it's a called a keloid where can i get it removed and how much roughly will it cost

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Scar on Eyebrow

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This can be treated with a number of techniques, please post photos so we can determine what is best for you.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Keloid Scars and Treatment

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You will most likely need a combination of V-Beam laser and cortisone injections to make the scar disappear. I also recommend Kelo-cote which you can purchase over the counter.  Best, Dr. Green

Eyebrow scar

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Thanks for your question. There will be plenty of options for helping this scar. It just depends on how far out you are from the injury. If it's still within a few weeks of the injury, steroid injections can be helpful to thin out the scar. You can also massage it which will help shrink it. If that doesn't do it, simply removing the scarred area and sewing it with stitches should work well- you're trading a ball of scar for a surgical scar that will heal better. As far as the cost, health insurance may cover it depending on your policy. Good luck!

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