Why No Published Studies?

I asked a question about the lack of transparency concerning smart lipo and a Dr. responded in a way that was exactly what I did not want. I am not asking about whether women should pig out or not(very offensive).He ended by saying:Those are the facts.Really? Where are these facts?Why do none of these doctors answering questions not show published peer reviewed evidence based articles?The point is, there is an industry that is destroying women's bodies while others are getting rich.

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Scientific Studies Regarding Liposuction

I am sorry, that you were offended by the response your doctor gave to you concerning scientific studies regarding liposuction.  There are numerous studies which have been published over the past 25 years regarding liposuction and its benefits, risks, and limitations.  In recent years, the studies have looked at the various types of liposuction including laser assisted (Smart Lipo) and ultrasound assisted (Vaser lipo).  These articles may be found in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Journal  of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Aesthetic Surgery Journal of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and Clinics in Plastic Surgery.

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Lipo studies

There are studies, but they are pretty subjective.  To study any treatment scientifically, it should be a double blinded study where laser is used on one side and not on the other.  If it were truly double blind, neither the surgeon nor those evaluating the result would know which side is which.  Very hard to do in an unbiased and controlled fashion. 

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Published study

There are studies done on smart lipo procedure but that doctors who perform this procedure may not necessarily be board certified plastic surgeons.  This means that they may not have access to these studies.  Find out if your surgeon was a certifed by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

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Long-term Results of Liposuction

I am assuming by the inference in your inquiry, although you didn't directly state it, that the question is how stable are the long-term results of liposuction. (regardless of the technique used) There are numerous published studies about this very issue, some very recent. What your surgeon was likely saying was...a major factor in the maintenance of liposuction results is one's weight. A stable weight is much more likely to maintain the results than if one gains weight over the years. This may be intuitive, and for some hard to do, but excessive calories must be stored somewhere and often they like to go back from whence they came. (although this is not true for every body area, largely just the depot sites such as the abdomen and flanks) 

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Published studes on laser liposuction

There are numerous published papers about various types of liposuction (laser-assisted, radiofrequency- assisted, ultrasound-assisted, water-assisted, skin tightening effects, complications, etc.)  in the plastic surgery literature.  The Aesthetic Surgery Journal and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal are good resources.  I am not sure who your doctor was, but please keep in mind that other specialists who do cosmetic procedures may not have access to or know about the data.  Most board-certified plastic surgeons take pride in utilizing evidence-based medicine regarding efficacy and patient safety.  I can't say the same for every doctor, so please choose your surgeon wisely. If you have a specific question regarding a procedure, please post the question and I am sure you will get some helpful answers on this forum!

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