There is a lot of different information about the best order for filler & laser to be done in.

I had my botox about a week ago and am having fillers next week with laser collagen 1 1/2 weeks after that. Some of the reviews say better to do laser before fillers and others say the opposite! Also is 1 1/2 weeks enough time to wait.

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Two weeks

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I think its pretty safe to say its the two week rule. Depending on what laser is done, one performed before the other does not matter, however, having said that, if you are having laser to stimulate or remodel collagen (CO2 ore erbium - fractional or fully ablative), I would prefer to laser first, wait a few months, then fill. This is because laser can stimulate collagen, especially in the context of acne scars, meaning less filler will be needed. 

In the context of volume replacement, I do not think the order matters. 

All the best,

Dr Davin Lim
Laser, surgical and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia

Order of treatment

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It sounds like you have a great treatment plan. I like to wait 2 weeks after Botox before doing a laser treatment or a filler in that same area. Similarly, if I did the laser treatment first, I would have you wait 2 weeks before doing the Botox. The order of the treatments doesn't necessarily matter. What matters is allowing time for resolution of the swelling and allowing the skin to heal in between the treatments. Take care.

Anne Marie Tremaine, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon


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A good rule of thumb is to wait at least two weeks to have laser after fillers. Make sure that the skin is completely healed before the laser and/or botox session. It really doesnt matter which order you have these procedures done.

Botox, Fillers, and Lasers

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Depending on the type of fillers you would want to typically wait one to two weeks to have the laser done.  You can do either first.  You just want the skin to be completely healed before the laser.  Best, Dr. Green

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