I had Juvederm upper cheeks/Malar lines a week ago. Wondering if this is as good as it gets? (photos)

My Malar lines are still there and more noticeable. It looks now after the juvederm that my cheeks are indented right in the middle and flat. I also have a blue tint in the corner or my eye/tear trough- tyndell effect? One eye looks different than the other... I did not have juvederm for tear trough but for Malar lines on upper cheeks. Bruising is almost entirely gone and there is now a "puff" above the lines... And it's making it more noticeable! My eyes look puffy and worse than before.

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Wait for things to settle

Thanks for sharing your experience, at one week, the blue tint may actually be a bruise that tracked into that wear- very unusual for Tyndall if no filler was placed there! So I would call this a bruise, and not Tyndall effect, nor filler migration, especially at week one. 

Best to look at your face with before and afters to comment constructively. This way it us, and yourself an accurate 'before and after'. In the worse case scenario, seeing someone who can correct your concerns (either more filler in the CORRECT spot) or dissolve with hyaluronidase and start over again can give you the results you want. 

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Malar Lines and Puffiness and Juvederm Injections NYC

It is difficult to evaluate from the photos what is going because you can't see enough of your cheek involvement.  The product may have been injected too high under the eye.  I would return to your treating physician for assessment and possible Vitrase removal.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Fillers to cheeks

At one week it is not uncommon to be a bit swollen.  You should give it more time to settle.  If it does not, then you can consider hyaluronidase. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Juvederm in the upper chheks

It is best to show full face profiles. Block off your eyes if privacy issues are important to you.

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