I just had the Femilift yesterday. I know one side effect is light discharge, mine is watery blood. Is this normal?

I had the femi lift yesterday,I know there is no downtime and I read that a light discharge is normal but my discharge seems to be heavier than normal. The discharge is watery blood. Is this normal?

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Slight Watery Discharge is Normal

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It is normal for most patients to see a slight watery discharge for a couple days after the treatment. However if this continues, I would contact your provider and get a in person consultation with a board-certified dermatologist.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Discharge after Femilift

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It is normal to have a slight watery discharge for a few days after having a Femilift treatment done, especially after your first one.  It is a fractionated CO2 laser which causes micro injuries in the vaginal mucosa, so it is possible that if you have atrophy, that you could have a little bit of blood in the discharge.  However, if there is a lot of blood, this is not normal and you may be bleeding from your uterus, cervix or from a tear. I would recommend that you follow up with your physician if it does not resolve in a day or 2.  

Nothing to worry about

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Don't worry, experiencing discharge for a few days is very common. This is a watery transudate released from the vaginal walls in response to the laser. This is the first step in the healing process. Depending on the status of the vaginal walls, some women may have such a small amount of discharge that they don't notice at all. Or some women may have a mild discharge for 3-4 days while others may experience a blood tinged watery discharge. This is no reason for concern. This initiation of the healing process is the reason vaginal activity is restricted for 3 days after each laser treatment.  

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Discharge after FemiLift procedure

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It is not uncommon to have discharge (including a pinkish/bloody discharge) after the FemiLift procedure.  It usually resolves within a few days of the procedure. 

Audrey Romero, MD
West Orange OB/GYN

Vaginal Discharge after Femilift

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It is normal and expected to have some watery or bloody discharge after a Femilift procedure. The laser energy causes a very shallow effect on the vaginal lining. This effect is important to stimulate the tissue changes that lead to improvement in vaginal symptoms. The lining of the vagina will likely produce some bloody secretions for a couple of days. This response will resolve quickly. Heavy bleeding is best reported to your doctor. 

Its very normal

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 Its very normal to have some light discharge after Femlift for a few days, and you should see improvement in the next few days.  No worries.

Bloody discharge/ watery discharge is normal with healing with Vaginal laser therapy.

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All abalative vaginal laser therapies including MonaLisa, FemiLift, Intima and diVa work by creating microinjuires that penetrate the vaginal lining. They then Cause a heat effect in the deeper layer. This creates a inflammatory self healing process which stimulates new collagen, blood vessels and thicker lining( a healthy younger vaginal canal)  some of these Lasers work better than others.

Vaginal bleeding and watery discharge is expected for a few days. If it is heavy painful or concerning contact your provider.

Bleeding after procedure

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It would be unusual for the bleeding to be very noticeable after FemiLift.  If it continues, please contact your provider or gynecologist.  Some discharge is fairly common, but should not be obvious bleeding.  There may be something else happening such as an abrasion or tear.  The smooth probe would be unlikely to tear the tissue, but you should be checked if it doesn't resolve soon.  Best of luck and I hope you love the results.

Amy Y. Paul, DO, FAAD
Grand Junction Dermatologic Surgeon

Watery bleeding after FemiLift

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Although we tell patients that a watery discharge is normal, it would not be out of the ordinary if some blood tinged discharge is present.  It could be that a small tear occured or that one area of the vagina was thin and therefore may have bled slightly from the laser.  I had one patient with vaginal atrophy (dryness) who noted this on her first treatment but not on the second or third as the vaginal mucosa was thicker and healthier as one would expect after FemiLift.  Anyway, if it does not clear in a short time just see your doc to check it.  

Dr. ODell

I just had the Femilift yesterday. I know one side effect is light discharge, mine is watery blood. Is this normal?

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Having watery slight bloody vaginal discharge is very common specially after first treatment. it means your vaginal mucosa has been treated with Co2 laser and now they are falling off and a new tissue is going to regenerate which has more collagen , which in reality it is what you are expecting.

As far as the no down time, it means you will go after your regular daily business, except no vaginal intercourse for 3-5 days depend on your vaginal discharge.

Enjoy the benefit of FemiLift.

Best of health

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