Generic Finasteride quality over Propecia (ISHRS article believes propecia has better ingredients?)

In the Vol. 25, No. 2 (Mar/Apr 15) "Forum" distributed by the ISHRS, Doctors John Cole and Bradley Wolf write about their concerns with the efficacy of generic fin vs. propecia (The Treatment of Men with Finasteride: Scientific and Anecdotal Evidence). It's concerning that they conclude that patients continue to LOSE hair on generic but NOT LOSE using Propecia due to better ingredients. They suggest prescribing propecia first. Is this accepted now? I'm on 9 months generic with continued loss.

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Genetic finasteride vs Propecia

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The FDA regulates the production of genetic drugs and they must be effective and dosed appropriately.  There are some comments that the actual finasteride generic dose, may not be exactly 1mg. I know some doctors would like you to believe that the brand name is a more predictable drug, but a 20 times the price, the decision can be difficult

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