What should I expect during my breast lift recovery? Please share your stories.

I am going next Friday to receive a breastlift/areola reduction. I have read many reviews on the procedure and I am very excited but ofcourse, being only a week away, the nerves are starting to kick in. I use to be a smoker, then turned into a social smoker, and have been advised not to smoke for two weeks before/after the procedure. I will have gone exactly two weeks by the time of the procedure, and I will not touch another one. Should I be okay? Also what should I expect for my recovery?

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Recovery from Breast Lift Surgery

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Not smoking before and after surgery is definitely a good idea. Nicotine products cause the blood vessels to temporarily shrink down, thereby negatively impacting the blood supply to your breast tissue. When you add the negative chemical affect on blood supply (cigarettes, etc.) to the anticipated negative mechanical effect (the changes in blood supply associated with the procedure itself), the risk of complications go up. So, that is great that you have been able to adhere to the smoking cessation recommendations from your surgeon; that should help things heal faster and more reliably. From a recovery standpoint, you can expect some swelling and bruising. Your incision will take a while to heal and mature, and the scar appearance can continue to improve for a year out from surgery. I usually recommend no strenuous activities for 2 weeks after mastopexies and continued avoidance of potential "blood thinning" medications. I would refer to your surgeon's recommendations and follow what he/she specifically recommends. Best of luck!

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