Abnormal Swelling 5 Weeks After Breast Implant Revision? (photo)

I went from 300cc saline to 450cc gel implants. The PS had to correct an oversized right pocket. Immediately after my surgery, the implants were uneven. He said that the amount of work done to correct the pocket was probably causing more swelling than normal. I feel that my right implant is getting bigger and becoming more numb & developing some mild pain in the bottom of the breast. My PS said that I have chronic swelling. Also, my right breast is completely oblong in shape. What should I do?

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Post Op Recovery and Healing

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Patients will feel sore and tired during the first 48 to 72 hours following surgery. During these first few days, you may engage in light activities, but must refrain from lifting or raising  your arms above your head. #Swelling and #bruising will subside during the first week after surgery and can be managed by #pain medication. The initial surgical tapes will be removed a few weeks after surgery during a post operative visit. #Revision patients typically may return to a work a few days after surgery (only a light workload during the first two weeks). Showers are permitted on post op day 3 if there are no drains. #Scars will progressively fade throughout the first year following surgery and products may be applied a few days later but only with your surgeon's permission.

Concerns about Breast Asymmetry after Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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I am sorry to hear about the concerns you have after revisionary breast surgery. Although difficult to give you good advice based on limited information, it is clear based on your photographs that you do have significant breast asymmetry, probably related to different size/positions of breast implant pockets on your chest wall. Again, difficult to predict but it is likely that you will benefit from revisionary surgery to improve your breast symmetry down the line. Best to evaluate the situation several months from now.

Assuming your plastic surgeon has significant experience with revisionary breast surgery, communicate your concerns in a calm/constructive fashion.  You may find attached link helpful to you as you learn more about revisionary breast surgery.

 Best wishes.

Breast asymmetry

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I think that you have to be evaluated in person to get a better appreciation of the issues. Is there fluid around the implant?  Can't say from just a photo.

Early asymmetry following implant breast revision

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You do have some obvious asymmetry but at this point I would not consider it to be abnormal. Five weeks is very early in your post operative recovery.  I would expect there to be some degree of asymmetry at this early date.  Continue to follow the advice of your plastic surgeon.  If the asymmetries do not resolve you may need a revision.  At this point it is not possible predict if anything need to be done in the future.  

Abnormal Swelling 5 Weeks After Breast Implant Revision?

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From your pictures, it appears that the pockets were made uneven during your surgical implant revision, as they looked asymmetric in your 1 week photos.  If the breast that shows up on the left side of your photos is the one that you refer to as the right breast, and this is the one that has pain at the bottom of the breast, I would say that the pocket on this side is likely too large and that is why you have visual asymmetry and pain.  Not sure if the pocket was too large before surgery, although it doesnt appear to be from your pre-op photo.  I would encourage you to discuss this with your surgeon.  You have a significant likelihood that you will need another revision.  I would encourage you to wear a good support bra for the right, and consider a breast strap over the left to help the pocket stretch.  It will take a good 6 months for you to heal enough to know what your final results will be. You can also consider a second opinion, as an in person exam can be helpful.  Good luck!

Abnormal Swelling 5 weeks After Breast Implant Revision

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Hello Frances, you need to schedule an appointment with the surgeon that performed this procedure for an in person examination. It appears from the photos that a revision is in order. Be honest with him and let him now all of your concerns. If you are not comfortable with what you are told at the post op examination I would seek a second opinion with a Board Certified Plastic SurgeonSurgeon.                                                                                                         Best Wishes to you.

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