Westchester and Connecticut Blepharoplasty Doctor Recommendations

I am interested in Blepharoplasty. Could anyone recommend to me someone good and reasonable doctors in Westchester or Connecticut area?

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Westchester and Connecticut Blepharoplasty Doctor Recommendations

The ASPS website is a good starting point.  Some possibilities include Dr. R. Michael Koch and Dr. Lawrence Glassman. Consult with 2 - surgeons in the area to find one that best meets your needs. 

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How to select your plastic surgeon for Blepharoplasty surgery

In advising you on how to select a specialist for your Blepharoplasty, I would follow these guidelines

1. Board certification in facial plastic or plastic surgery. The surgeon should devote most of their time to facial plastic surgery.

2. Artistic sensibility. View before and after photos on line of your prospective surgeon.

3. Speak to some patients who have had surgery by your prospective surgeon.

4. Check online to make sure your doctor has not had many malpractice cases. i.e. healthgrades.com

5. Does your doctor teach other doctors how to perform Blepharoplasty? Chances are, if they do, they have more experience. Teaching someone how to perform the surgery is much more difficult.

6. Does your surgeon have an on site fully certified operating room? Do they use MD board certified anesthesiologists?

7. Location--this should not be your biggest priority. I have patients that frequently travel more than an hour to see me.

8. Price should also not be your sole factor in choosing a plastic surgeon. You often times ending up getting what you pay for.

If you are interested in having your surgery in the Hudson valley, please feel free to contact my office or visit my website. My practice is located in the town of Newburgh just minutes from Westchester.

Good luck!

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