PIH after Cool Scultping lower abdomen? (photos)

I wasn't informed pre-procedure that PIH was a possible complication. The machine errored twice due to a "thermal event". We canceled treatment and I returned a week later. The treatment went as planned, but I'm left with a dark trapezoid patch on my abdomen. The cream I've been given has done nothing in 3 months post. I should've learned my lesson after spending thousands to treat facial PIH when a plastic surgeon burned me too deeply with CO2. Lots of docs willing to take $, but not help after

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Thermal event after fat freezing

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The only time we have seen this was with a patient who had been treated with a "knock off" machine. 
Regardless, there are potential therapies to help you includes light and laser treatments in addition to skin lightening creams. You might consider an in person evaluation with a board certified dermatologist. 

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Thermal Event and Coolsculpting

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I am concerned that you had s "thermal event" and I have not personally ever seen this in all of the years that I have been doing this procedure. I would consult a board certified dermatologist who is an expert in Coolsculpting to determine the best treatment now for your skin. Best, Dr. Green

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