Have a bad cough. Any suggestions?

Its been a year and 5 months. I got my silicone breast implants. I think it was after 5 months from getting the implants when I started to have a cough and hasn't gone away. I would like to know if it could be the implants that is causing the cough and if so why? I have had xrays, mri's, bacterial infection, asthma etc. And nothing everything comes up normal. 

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Coughing After Surgery

Hello and thank you for your question!  I am sorry to hear you are going through this coughing.  I appears more of a chronic cough if the symptoms are persistent.  I strongly suggest a visit to an internist or an allergist perhaps to determine the cause of your cough or what underlying condition you may have that is causing this to continuously occur.  Best of luck to you! 

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Bad Cough After Implants

Thanks for ur question! I would have to agree that there is no scientific correlation whatsoever that would connect a cough to ur silicone breast implants. However, a chronic cough is not a good thing, & needs to be investigated. Find a good internist in ur area & have it thoroughly investigated. Best of luck!

Robert P. Schmid, MD
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Cough after breast implants

I can think of no scientific reason why breast implants done one year and five months ago could have anything to do with the onset of a cough. There are a myriad of other possibilities including viruses, histoplasmosis, chronic bronchitis, asthma, bacterial infections, as well as many others they can be causative of chronic coughs. I would recommend that you be seen by your medical doctor for workup including a chest x-ray. Best of luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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