15 days post op, I can't feel anything. Is my Belly Button Infected? (photo)

15 days PO - Since I can't feel anything, I can't tell whats happening with my belly button. The scabbing I know is normal, but is the fleshy colored "stuff" that you can kind of see at the base of the belly button in this picture? It doesnt seem dischargy (not a liquid) but almost like new skin? I'm not really sure. I clean it twice daily with a q-tip and hydrogen peroxide and there is no smell.

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Looks like partial skin loss.

Dear Newbie - It looks like, from the photo, that part of the belly button skin has died and the incision pulled apart.  This is not uncommon in abdominoplasty and should heal if you keep it clean, but you need to discuss with your own doctor.   

Belly button after tummy tuck


Belly button after tummy tuck

There appears to be some scabbing and delayed healing.  this should continue to improve overtime  with local care.  This may take several weeks.  contact your doctor for increased redness, odor, or discharge

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Wound Healing Issues after Mommy Makeover

     The area should not be sutured up.  It should be kept clean and allowed to heal on its own.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Healing around the umbilicus after an abdominoplasty

It is not unusual to have some degree of healing problems of the umbilicus.  Depending upon the depth of the tissue slough you may have some degree of superficial infection.  Keep the area cleansed with soap and water and following the advice of your plastic surgeon.  These problems usually heal without problems.  I would quit using the hydrogen peroxide as it is very damaging to soft tissues.  There is no cartilage in the umbilicus and it will just need time to heal.   

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Is my Belly Button Infected?

It looks like the suturing of a small part of the navel repair has pulled apart. Usually you can expect this to heal on its own without intervention. It is quite unlikely that your surgeon would resuture this. Keep it clean, report any changes to your surgeon. 

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