Can I only have wires on my front teeth? (Photo)

My orthodontist won't put in wires til my perio says it's ok. But I won't see him til January. My hygienist says I'm doing well and it's ok to put on my wires again. Can I do it myself? Buy wires and put on in the front? To stop it from shifting.? It's already starting to shift

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Wires on Front Teeth

Hi mjj123,

There's probably a good reason your periodontist doesn't want your orthodontist to start moving your front teeth yet.  Sometimes moving teeth orthodontically in a patient with periodontal (gum) issues can cause the gum issues to worsen quickly.

Understanding that you are frustrated and anxious to get moving on fixing your smile, please keep in mind that you want to try to preserve your teeth for the long-term and not rush things which may compromise the ultimate results.

Best of luck!

Manhattan Orthodontist

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