Wearing Invisalign after 7 weeks of not wearing them.

I took Invisalign out 7 weeks ago as per doctors orders during root canal complications. I've been in contact with Invisalign dentist. Recently I was told over the phone by Invisalign dentist office over the phone that I'm ready to start back up with Invisalign and to put the trays I left off with back in. Upon excruciating pains for a few hours and removed them. My front teeth still hurt and I'm afraid I caused damage. After going 7 weeks of not wearing Invisalign should I not have resumed?

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Aligners Not Worn For Seven WeeKs

Each aligners effects very minor movement on each tooth, but the cumulative effect allows quite a bit of movement over time. When you leave your retainers out, the teeth naturally try to return to some previous position. Depending on how much movement there was before you discontinued wearing the aligners, the amount of relapse or return movement could be significant. Since I am not familiar with the particulars of your case, it is difficult to say what might have been done so that you could have continued to wear your aligners during the root canal phase. At any rate 7 weeks is a long time to be without an aligner in place, and the amount of relapse too difficult to overcome without significant pain. It may be best to take new impressions and order new aligners. I doubt, however, that any permanent damage was done to your teeth in a few hours. Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Good luck!

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