What can I do to improve the texture of my skin? (Photo)

For as long as I can remember I've had tiny bumps all over my face especially across my forehead and nose, giving my skin a rough texture and appearance. And I always have a difficult time finding products because my skin gets dry and flakey but it's also oily at times.

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Younger skin...

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Start with a good Retinol (0.5%).  Using this every other night for a few weeks and then slowing getting into the habit using it everyday will help exfoliate the dead top layer of your skin and thicken the healthy layer.  Using a good exfoliating scrub can help your skin texture as well.  Finally, consider regular facials with a medical aesthetician.  

Hope this help.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Skin rejuvenation

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Hi seen your pic .you seen to have uneven pigmentation,comedones and seborrheic dermatitis which is causing lesions on your forehead and nose.it has to be treated with antifungal shampoo to your scalp .as well as oral antifungal medications.once  it is cleared a good exfoliating face wash ,topical retiniods and microdermabrasion done can improve your skin texture .please do use liberal moisturiser and sun screen during your treatment.do consult a board certified dermatologist and plan your procedure ,good luck.


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I agree that you need to see a dermatologist but things that could help include a glycolic wash, retinol at night and some microdermabrasion

Firas Al-Niaimi, MSc
London Dermatologist

A Consultation With A Board Certified Dermatologist Will Help With Choosing A Proper Skin Care Regimen

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Although the photos are not clear, it does appear that you have a form of acne known as milial acne or the kind that is characterized by the presence of widespread, numerous, small, whitehead bumps (which accounts for the rough texture you describe), rather than the more overt and familiar form that is characterized by pimples, pustules and cysts. Most topical acne preparations, especially if you combine them with excess rubbing and scrubbing of the skin (in hopes of clearing the bumps), can make the skin excessively dry and flaky. You would do well to consider seeking consultation with a board certified dermatologist who can prescribe an appropriate treatment regimen for you that best fits your particular skin type and skin problems. Best of luck. 

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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