What implant(s) will I need to have a successful blepharoplasty? (Photos)

I'm, an eighteen-year-old stricken with lower lid retraction presumably as a result of having insufficient mid-face and I am wondering what implants would be necessary to augment my cheek and under eye area to achieve the desired result. I have no interest in fillers. I would also like to gain a balanced mid-face.

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Head posture is very important in assess this type of scleral show.

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If you put your chin down, it exposes more scleral show.  So before recommend a very intrusive surgery with a rim implant, you deserve a detailed personal consultation.  For the issues you are demonstrating in your side profile photographs, it looks like you can have help with under eye fillers as an alternative to surgery.  Try not to talk yourself into an irreversible surgery that may harm you.

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