Considering ultherapy for jowls? 52 years old & very thin face. How many lines should I be treated with for lower face only?

How many lines should I be treated with for the lower face only? I was told 480 lines by one doctor and 200 by another. Also one was using Amplify 1 and the other, Amplify 2. Could that be the the reason for the difference in lines? They are both PLASTIC SURGEONS. I cannot afford a bad result, so I am researching carefully, and still on the fence. Thank you.

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Number of lines will vary with Ultherapy

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The number of lines will between patents, some will require more some less. Ultherapy is also operator depended. There is a standard protocol that we follow, however some specialist will lay more lines in areas to give a 'vector' lift. I find that this treatment is also dependent on ethnicity, as if you have good collagen that contracts easily, the less number of lines are needed to achieve a good results. Video shows the procedure, skip to 13 minutes to see the before and after at 3 months after just one treatment using standardised protocols. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim, Brisbane, Australia. 

Don"t be afraid to ask!

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Hello there! Ultherapy is a great way to lift and tighten up those pesky areas. In regards to the Amplify 1 and Amplify 2, in a nutshell there was an awesome software upgrade that allows patients to have more comfort during the treatment. One is more intense than the other and that could be why you are seeing a difference in the amount of lines being used. The more lines that are used will deliver more collagen stimulating thermal wounds and allow for a greater result. Ultherapy is customized for each patient so depending on the laxity of your tissues, it is quite possible that one of your physicians recommended more/less than another. Contact the offices and ask them for the reasoning behind their decisions. I hope this helps and good luck! This is a great treatment!

Ellen A. Janetzke, MD
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Dont focus on the number of lines when having ulthera

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The number of lines necessary to get results depends on the amount of laxity (sagging) of your skin, the areas involved and the size of your face. Treating jowels with ulthera may require treatment from the midface to the neck for one patient but just the lower face above and below the jawline for another.  Your physician should be able to explain her thought process regarding her specific recommendations for you.Im not sure what you mean by not being able to 'afford' a bad result.  No one wants a bad result.  Every procedure has risks and benefits which should be reviewed with you by the physician and her staff during your consultation.  Remember that one risk is that the results wont be as good as you wanted.  I love the ulthera procedure for my patients but I do tell them it is not going to give surgical results. Ultimately, there has to be trust between patient and physician.  If you don't feel confident in the information you received, either return to the physicians for a second consultation or see someone else.I hope this answer was helpful.  Best wishes!

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Ultherapy Lower Face

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Don't be fixated on the number of lines needed. It will vary for each individual depending on the size of their face and the degree of skin laxity. I would be very cautious with places that automatically spit out a set number of lines at you. You would need as many lines as it will take to adequately cover your lower face. Best wishes.

Ultherapy Results , Combine with Sculptra or Fraxel, Maintain with Exilis Ultra or Venus Legacy

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I suggest a formal consultation and consider a combination approach for both tightening and lifting as well as volumization. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 203 reviews

In my NYC practice ultherapy can be customized to produce facial tightening and lifting of the jowls and cheek

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I have been performing Ultherapy for many years and have seen its evolution from initial design, upgraded software and hardware. Some patients need the lower energy settings to make the treatment more tolerable and usually the number of lines increase. Some patients who can tolerate the higher settings also benefit by a higher number of lines if there jowls are more weighty than others. I like Ultherapy as it allows me to customize and deliver more lines than the protocol. I usually use two transducers for the cheeks, sometimes three, each penetrating a different depth. For the two transducers the minimum number of lines I use is 400 and it is not uncommon for me to use  more than 480. My patients have given Ultherapy a very high satisfaction rating.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 38 reviews

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