I want a filler nose job, but as an African American I'm not sure if it can refine the tip of my nose. Am I a good candidate?

I have a petite nose/narrow bridge but when I smile it spreads (small bulbous tip) I am a bit nervous to get rhinoplasty because I feel it is a fine line between my nose and it crossing over to Jackson territory. I'm just looking for refinement/ or even a possible preview of how my nose can look with rhinoplasty.

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Digital computer imaging for surgical rhinoplasty

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Look for a surgeon who has dedicated a significant component of their practice to the discipline of rhinoplasty, performs them often on a weekly basis, and can give you digital computer imaging on your nose to understand what can be accomplished with the procedure.  Placement of fillers in the nose will only make the nose wider, bigger, and taller on a temporary basis.  A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is not going to refine the tip of the nose.

Non surgical nose

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Actually, you would likely be an excellent candidate based on the photos you submitted.  We could raise the bridge of your nose slightly and gently refine your tip.  You should find an injector that is experienced in injecting the area and also knowledgable of normal nasal anatomy and aesthetics.  Be sure to discussion your desires with your injector before they begin.

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