84 years and I always had a beautiful smile I have had fillers in my face and my nose seems to look bigger did it grow? (Photo)

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Changes to nose

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This is a common question as many people experience gradual changes in the shape and position of the tip of the nose over time that are related to weakening of internal support structures and other factors.  In general this often leads to the appearance of mild widening of the nasal tip as well as drooping of the nasal tip.  As the nasal tip settles the nose appears to be longer and to have "grown".  In some people the nasal skin can thin somewhat over time leading to greater visibility of underlying structures while in others the nasal tip skin may thicken leading to less well-defined tip contours.  Surgical refinement of the nasal tip can occasionally be performed without a full rhinoplasty as can minor surgical procedures to the base (septo-columellar area)  of the nose - both can be extremely effective and satisfying for patients that are suitable candidates for surgery.

Fillers at 84

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First of all, you look terrific at 84.  Although a complete answer isn't possible without pictures, the results of the fillers may have highlighted something that normally happens with aging.  As time goes by,  the ligamentous structures deemed "tip support mechanisms" tend to loosen up as they do in other parts of the face.  This, combined with the loss of bone volume in the midface, leads to a downward rotation of the nasal tip and the illusion of a growing nose. It wouldn't hurt to raise your concerns with your Doctor. 

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