Will the headaches, tightness, & numbness ever get better? It was 2 years ago! Sometimes I feel light headed & dizzy (Photo)

The doctor lifted right between my eyes and forever changed my look for the worse. I hate the way my bones show and eye lids fold back now. It totally took my cute sexy look away. It takes us years to develop that look. My worry now is that my head hurts every day and the numbness is still there in my forehead and top of the head. After exercise my head swells and eyebrows are at their worst. The bone showing bothers me the most. Is there hope of getting my eyes back?

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Four head numbness and eyelid shape change after forehead left

One of the trade-offs with brow lift surgeries, whether their performed endoscopically or open is  sensory change including tingling, numbness, sensation of a "cool breeze" and itching.  The reason for this is that the nerves that supply the forehead and scalp travel through the delicate muscles   responsible for  the vertical wrinkles/furrows between the eyebrows. When these muscles are removed, the nerves are intern stretched and perhaps divided inadvertently which can lead to these long-term sensations. Curiously, these sensations often are worse during one's period, after sexual arousal  and from certain medications. Ibuprofen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can help. Otherwise it is just a waiting game and keeping your fingers crossed.

In terms of reversing some of the aspects of the brow lift upon the shape of your eye, I would perform fat grafting or  an alternative off-the-shelf filler to re-create some of the fullness in your upper eyelid and decrease the hollowness and space between your brow and eyelid.

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Eyelid blepheroplasty

Yes your preop  eyes and brow were very good. Why the surgery????
Wait 6 months then need to see a board certified plastic surgeon to see if anything can improve.
The numbness should improve with time  up to one year.
If the hollow eye continues then may consider fat graft

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