Breast reduction. (photo)

I got a breast reduction when I was 17 , I didn't really notice it much but my nipples are unusually high. What can I do to fix this? I am also looking into getting implants along with a second breast reduction. Any suggestions

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High nipples

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From the picture that you provided it appears that you have lost support in the portion of your breasts below the nipple. It would be helpful to know how long ago the procedure was and whether or not you have had wgt. gain or pregnancy since the reduction. A surgical procedure can be done to remove and reshape the breast tissue from the nipple to the crease. The use of an implant can be done if you want superior fullness and nipple projection but this really can only be determined with an exam.

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Nipple issue

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The photo is at an angle that one can not tell exactly how high your nipples are.  High nipples if brought lower will leave a scar above your nipples. If you just have bottoming out of tissue, then likely all that would be necessary is to remove some tissue and skin from below.  I do not think that you need implants based upon this photo.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Concerns after previous breast reduction surgery.

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Your concerns are certainly understandable.  Resection of additional skin/tissue along the lower breast poles will help to better center each nipple/areola complex  on each breast mound.  This can be done at the same time as breast augmentation surgery.

 Key will be: careful selection of plastic surgeon and careful communication of goals. Best wishes.

High Nipples

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Dear Glo2593,

Thank you for your picture.  This issue can easily be fixed.  It does require another surgical procedure to reduce and redistribute the excess breast tissue that you have in the lower part of your breast.  Seek consultation from board certified plastic surgeons.

Good Luck!

Breast reduction.

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Sorry for the mal positioning of the N/A complexes. Best to seek ONLY in person opinions from boarded expert PSs in your area.

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