Recommendations , Veneers or veneer crowns ? (photos)

Ready to have my Hollywood smile . I'm wondering Well I require braces prior to getting veneers done ?

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Veneers or Braces

I would recommend porcelain veneers, however, if you would like to take a more conservative approach, Invisalign®, a clear alternative to standard braces could work for you. Invisalign® is a less invasive orthodontic treatment that can take from 12 to 18 months depending on your situation. 

Another option is Six Month Smiles®. Six Month Smiles® is an orthodontic treatment therapy that gives quicker results than traditional wires and brackets. The innovative procedure straightens your teeth using less pressure. 

If you are in a pinch for time, porcelain veneers would be better for your situation than porcelain crowns. CEREC® can be used for both crowns and veneers and can be done in the dentists office in a single dental appointment. With CEREC® your dentist does not have to remove as much of your natural tooth as he or she would with traditional porcelain veneers. 

Good luck with your Hollywood Smile and I do hope that you post pictures of your new grin!

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Porcelain Veneers

Hello.  you have spaces between your teeth , that can be closed with veneers.  porcelain veneers are definitely more conservative than crowns.  From the pictures  you posted, you  don't need crowns and veneers are great option to give you an amazing smile.  Make sure you use an experienced cosmetic dentist.  

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Hello there,
You would benefit from orthodontic treatment, but it sounds like you want the quickest treatment possible to fix your smile. For your case, I would porcelain veneers.  Veneers would take 1-2 appointments and would be expected to last you 20 years or so. Consult a cosmetic dentist to determine your options, and always look at before and after photos when selecting your dentist. They will give you a good idea about what you can expect. I've attached a link to a before and after photo of a patient of mine that wanted the instant fix of veneers rather than having braces for several years. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Veneers or crowns

I would definitely choose the most conservative avenue possible.
Having orthodontics would result in less tooth structure being cut. Today veneers can be minimal preparation or no preparation. There are very few indications to crown front teeth for cosmetic reasons
Hope that helps

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