Paranoid about new implants! Should I explant now or wait? (photos)

In 2008 I got a lift (do-nut) and asymmetry fixed and loved my results. After, I was a flat-looking 32C but I loved the small look. After 8 years they sagged, so almost 3 weeks ago I went to the same surgeon and got a second do-nut lift but this time with 150CCs silicone under. I'm now so scared I'll get an autoimmune illness or CC. If I want to explant should I do it now to avoid stretching skin and needing yet another lift? Also they hurt and are so sensitive clothes bother me.

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Confer with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible about your concerns. It is less likely to develop scar tissue so soon with such as small implant. Autoimmune disease from silicone implants not correlated 

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