2 days ago HA dermal filler was injected into my cheeks. The last injection caused immediate swelling and a lump. What is it?

At the last injection site (with a very small amount of around 0.1-0.2ml), the injection was made and it swelled up like a ball, tightening the skin -- much more than the injected product. There was some bleeding, but not lots. The area was red, which is has turned to just a pale red now. Will this go away? What could it be? Allergic Reaction? (It feels hard.) A large sub-dermal haematoma? There is minimal skin discoloration, just some redness and broken veins. Has anyone ever seen this before? My injector is very experienced but said she hadn't. Any advice? :)

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Lumps after Cheek Augmentation--wait 2 weeks, reverse with Hyaluronidase

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This is difficult to answer without pictures. There can be some swelling and/or lumps after injections which can last 1-2 weeks. If it persists or it worsens, I recommend following up with your injector for a formal evaluation. If you're unhappy with your final results you can have it reversed with hyaluronidase and try a different technique next time. Best, Dr. Emer

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Is there any pain

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 If there is no pain I would ask your injector what  she thinks about injecting a small amount of  intralesional  cortisone into the bump to see if it will help 

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Swelling and a lump after filler injections

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Thank you for your question. From what you are describing it does sound like it is a hematoma. Bruising and swelling following dermal fillers injections is expected and will last one to two weeks on average. Arnica Montana supplement or topical cream may help. I recommend following up with your injector sooner if the swelling or pain does get worse. All the best, Dr. Michon

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