I was playing soccer and I got kicked in the mouth and it chipped my the tooth. Now decaying. Will insurance cover this? (photo)

It's the tooth to left of my top right k-9 it wasn't hardly noticeable so I didn't get it fixed well I went about taking care of my teeth like I always do and now my tooth is decaying in that spot and on the other side of that tooth I also had braces at one point for my deep bite now my deep bite is fixed but I have gaps and crooked teeth so I'm wanting to get veneers I just don't know if insurance will cover this?

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Insurance Coverage

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Dental insurance plans vary even from the same insurance company. However, generally they cover restoration of teeth due to decay. Some insurance plans cover veneers but not many. Best to see a dentist as soon as possible before more of your tooth breaks down and the nerve becomes involved.

Simi Valley Dentist

Maybe just a Filling

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I suggest that you see a dentist get an xray and so that the doctor can determine if it is covered by insurance.

If you don't have any pain it could just be a filling you need.

Insurance Coverage

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Coverage of the repair of your teeth will depend on the insurance plan you have chosen and also the method for repair.  Veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure and not a repairative one by insurance companies, at least the one I have experience with.  If your insurance plan covers restorative work then it should cover repair with composite resin fillings if that is all that is indicated.  If the decay is severe enough that the teeth require crowns, insurance should cover this as well as long as there is legitimate reason and your plan covers that type of work.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist

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