How can I treat armpit odor?

I have really bad armpit odor, I really don't sweat that much but armpit order is very strong. I don't think it will be solved by removing sweet gland since Odor is caused by bacteria. Is that any recommendation. I am very tried of this ongoing problem.

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Miradry best treatment for Underarm Odor

Miradry is the best way to correct your problem for your armpits. Generally one but sometimes two treatments are required for lifelong results. Excess sweat (hyperhydrosis), and smelly armpits (bromhydrosis) are caused by eccrine (sweat) and apocrine glands whose secretion is modified by bacteria causing a bad odor. Even though you may wash frequently, the cleaning action does not get down into the pore depth where the bacteria live. In Asian countries, this is the major use of this technology. Miradry eliminates these glands permanently and solves both problems. You will never need to use deodorant again!

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MiraDry Treats Underarm Odor

MiraDry uses electromagnetic energy (safe microwaves) to target apocrine glands that contribute to bacterial odor. Miradry creates targeted heat in the area where glands reside and safely eliminates them. The advanced design of the miraDry system continuously cools your skin during treatment for added comfort and safety. miraDry. If treatments are done at the highest frequency allowable, then only 1-2 treatments ~ 8 weeks will be needed.

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MiraDry for odor elimination

The miraDry® system eliminates the underarm sweat glands, and the sweat glands don’t grow back after treatment. This results in a dramatic and lasting reduction of embarrassing underarm sweat. In a clinical study, patients experienced an average of 82% reduction in underarm sweat. You should notice a reduction in sweat immediately after a single miraDry® treatment. As with any medical procedure, results will vary by person. 80% of our patients need only one treatment. Secondary effects include underarm hair and odor reduction. Ask your physician if this procedure is right for you.

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MiraDry and Armpit Odor

Even though sweat glands are different from the glands that cause odor, miraDry uses microwave technology that eliminates both the eccrine and apocrine glands which should  reduce both underarm sweat and odor. The procedure is done about two times, three months apart. Other options would be botox or surgery. Although both methods are effective, botox requires reoccurring visits and surgery is invasive. miraDry has a very high satisfaction rates and is growing in popularity. 

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Excessive odor

Miradry is primarily for the destruction of sweat glands but it also destroys the odor causing glands and most patients will notice a significant reduction in odor production as well as excessive sweating.  We have been doing the Miradry procedures for 8 months now and have ben very pleased with the effectiveness of the treatments.

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Miradry in Los Angeles

Miradry is an excellent FDA approved treatment for hyperhidrosis. Patients with excessive armpit odor also benefit from the therapy in most cases. Our office specializes in Miradry treatments in Los Angeles. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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MiraDry to reduce armpit odor!

Our experience is that miraDry reduces the odor associated with sweating even though this is not the indicated reason that it is done.  All people have 2 kinds of sweat gland, one for wet sweat (eccrine) and one for smelly sweat (apocrine).  These glands exist side by side and seem to be equally vulnerable to the non invasive treatment known as miraDry.  We have treated all 12 of our staff with miraDry and they all stopped using deodorant (for the odor) or antiperspirant (for the wetness) even after only one treatment (two treatments are recommended 3 months apart for full results).
miraDry is the only FDA approved device designed specifically to reduce wetness in the armpit.  Odor reduction seems to be a happy side benefit.

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Armpit odor - bromhidrosis - treat with miraDry Buffalo Niagara Rochester

Armpit odor or bromhidrosis can diminish with control of hyperhidrosis in most patients - however, there are some individuals in whom bromhidrosis is theoverwhelming problem and in these patients, miraDry haas been shown to be effective in not only treating hyperhidrosis but also bromhidrosis. Read the miraDry book on the link below. 

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